Dialogue Questions: Who is a Christian?

Today’s dialogue question is taken directly from the Discerning Dad blog on Conformity.

What areas of my life am I conforming to the world in?
Will others know I am a Christian by my actions, why or why not?

These are deep questions and I encourage you to participate in the discussion.

Tim Ferrara’s post made me pause. Not only to think about what I do that the Holy Spirit might, or is, convicting me of that I should stop…but also what am I NOT doing?

Do people in my community know I am a Christian? What about the librarians who see me several times a week? What about my neighbors who rarely see me unless I am on a mission to go somewhere? What about our community friends that come to church but aren’t members? When they see me around town– do I interact? Do I glorify God?

How would you answer the questions:
What areas of my life am I conforming to the world in?
Will others know I am a Christian by my actions, why or why not?

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate



6 thoughts on “Dialogue Questions: Who is a Christian?

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  1. We confirm yo many aspect of the world because we are bound to but not destined to remain. What conformity arrest our ability to be Christians at all times should be worked on.
    It matters not who perceived me as a Christian or even to what degree they assess my efforts however I strive for full acceptance by Christ.

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  2. There was this is I knew when I was in the military, he had this sparkle in his eyes. It was something calming there. Whatever it was there was not one person that would curse around him. Even the most foul mouth person would not curse around him. I don’t give off that vibe. However I do know that people do not ask me to go drinking with them or do I want a smoke. You know how people perceive you by what they ask of you or the things they will do around you. That’s my opinion.

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