How Does God View Donald Trump?

No matter your political view stick with me on this.

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A little back ground first.

In my twenties I read a book that expressly says when we are looking at someone unfavorably—that is not how God see them.

At the time I was really struggling with liking my mom. I actually disdained her. That is ugly but it is true. One day she came to my door and I was seething inside. Suddenly the Holy Spirit prompted me “ How you see your mom is not how God is looking at her.” I took a few deep breaths and tried to imagine how God saw my mom. He saw her goodness and willing / loving heart for God and her family. He saw His daughter whom He loved.

I was all set to write about this experience and the quote that brought me to it. But then this idea hit me “How does God see Donald Trump?”

Could God be looking at Donald the way He looked at my mom? Seeing the good things? Not wanting anyone to perish…was God watching Donald’s moves and holding out hope for the best to happen? Is God up there letting Donald make mistakes just like He lets me make mistakes?

There are no sliding scale on sin. And there is NO sliding scale on God’s love for His children.

I want to be angry with this because I disagree with President Trump on most everything. I want to think that God sees his errors and will hold him accountable. I want to say I don’t believe Donald is a Christian and that it is all for show when he goes to church. I can’t imagine how a true believer would treat other races as vile as the words the president tweets.

But God is not looking at him like that. And it’s a good thing for Mr. Trump that I am not God. My ugliness in my heart is a reflection on me. It shows where I need to stretch and grow; where I need to show more grace. And that I am living in opposition most days of the directive to pray for our leaders.

SO…REGARDLESS  of my feelings and thoughts, God sees Donald Trump as another one of those He does not want to perish. God is working out Donald’s salvation in his own way. President Trumps accountability will be at the end of times just like my own.

And if I am held to be accountable for all that I have done wrong, I have a lot of repenting still to do that should be keeping me too busy to harbor ill feelings For Mr. Trump.

I can vote anyway I want to, write letters, even protest. But harboring negative thoughts towards him only hurts me. It does not change any of the situations we are presented with.

I’ll close with this verse which backs me up:

Matthew 5:21-22 New Living Translation (NLT)
Teaching about Anger

21 “You have heard that our ancestors were told, ‘You must not murder. If you commit murder, you are subject to judgment.’ 22 But I say, if you are even angry with someone, you are subject to judgment! If you call someone an idiot, you are in danger of being brought before the court. And if you curse someone,] you are in danger of the fires of hell.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

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8 thoughts on “How Does God View Donald Trump?

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  1. If you speak the truth,that is not being judgemental. I think you simply dislike the hateful things he does. We are not suppose to turn a blind eye to lies and hate.I’m other words, love him and hate his ways

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    1. yes. I unfortunately was not separating the 2: the who vs. the do. I think for me it is shocking because I bought into a lot of the Make America Great Again. It just didnt play out Like i thought. But then politics never does if a person doesn’t read the fine lines. And I have to admit…I was only listening to sound bites that year. What is weird, too, is that I work with people from broken backgrounds and sometimes current questionable lives regarding violence, addictions, in and out of jail, cyclical homelessness. When I am working with someone I do not judge their character nor worth as a person. Love the who- hate the do. But I just wasn’t making that distinction. I was caught up in black and white/ either or / must be good or is bad. Very uneducated thinking and narrow minded at that.
      Anyway, it was a blessing and a gift by the Holy SPirit to take a look at myself and see where I was off the mark. Love him and hate his ways. I can get behind that. Thank you.

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    2. Often I’ve seen we have a hard time speaking the truth in our culture and congregations with distinguishing being honest versus being frank. Indeed God tells explains: Instead, by truth spoken in love, we are to grow in every way into Him—the Anointed One, the head.
      There are despicable people, even Jesus interacted with them 2000 years ago. Some he ignored, some he exposed, some he chastized, some he revealed the truth to. So thinking of what you said, I dislike the current President. I distrust him and how he treats others even in his own circle of friends and family. It isn’t that I dislike just what he does. If he never becomes a new creation I will never deal with him in eternity. I hope he is born of God, since that doesn’t happen due to ethnicity, tradition, nor the will of a human being. I pray for him just as I do all world leaders through the lowliest people on this planet.
      I enjoyed reading and considering your comment. Thanks for that contribution. Keep looking up, one of these fine days He is coming back for us.

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  2. There is an old hymn I’m including part of here, in the humble realization that I myself am evil enough to burn in hellfire. Except for God’s grace gifted to me by the Father birthing me via Holy Spirit because of Jesus bar Joseph our Savior, I am nothing.
    Lay your deadly “doing” down
    Down at Jesus’ feet.
    Stand in him, in him alone,
    Gloriously complete.

    Being a citizen of God’s Kingdom means I find myself at odds with every single worldly truth claim regarding reality. There are no worldly political means or ways that represent the Kingdom of Light, the domain of darkness cannot produce goodness at all. Thus we stand against everyone who opposes submission to our Master, no matter if in the USA they be Socialists, Communists, Independents, Libertarians, Green Party, Rastafarians, Democrats, or even Republicans.
    Those who divide the Body of Christ due to worldly political opinions violate God’s plain truth expressed clearly in Romans 13-15 especially.

    Jesus doesn’t demand we like those who oppose the Truth, Life and Way. We are not called to explain away the evil they do, nor accept the supposed good they accomplish. We are called to a different life, and yet we continue acting like our pagan neighbors, thus disobeying our King, rebelling within our Father’s House, and bringing shame upon the Bride of Christ. The biblical-truth in song does not say: They will know we are Christians by our politics, by our nation of origin, yes they’ll know we are Christians by our culture.

    We are either known today and on the day of Visitation by our love, especially one for another, or Jesus will say to us “Depart from me you evil-doer, I never knew you.” Thank you Kate for bringing this up for consideration and calling disciples to be disciples of Jesus.

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  3. There are reasons why our president is under such constant attacks, though with the American people, have greatly improved the economy and lowered unemployment, among other improvements (His successes, working together with the American people, shows other policies that haven’t worked and why.). His style is to speak from the heart, spontaneously, and without reservation for those of opposing views (He’s instinctual.). A success in every other area of his life, he’s very confident and believes in the individual, and not collective thinking. This rubs against the opponents. He’s having a great impact on America in that more people believe in individual success and determination (supporting family and friends of course.). But moreso, he’s impacting other countries and their leaders. In his talks with Ukraine, we see his influence. Leaders are learning. The Ukrainian president had utilized what he had learned from Donald Trump, talking about draining the swamp and more. This is a serious problem for his opponents. If he can remain steadfast, hold to his job as commander in chief (No, he’s not perfect, and that’s where others come in to provide quality information.), then people here and abroad can learn and “see” for themselves what works and what doesn’t work. This is important: people thinking for themselves. Not socialism. Not propaganda. But reading real history, observing, thinking for themselves, not abscribing to rhetoric, and moving forward with constitutional understanding. However, there has been a movement to change our constitution, rewrite the meaning, or to consider the constitution as a living document and not principles that should remain to protect our freedoms. We see young people growing up without any real comprehension of our real history and all the events leading to the revolutionary war, much less the words and meaning of George Washington and Jefferson. There’s a reason for this. For there is a growing trend to move away from traditions and constitutional understanding.
    For Americans who hold to morals and traditional values, holding to our constitutional rights as they were written, knowing what the revolutionists fought to end and prevent, their beliefs and ways of life are under an effort to rewrite. Donald Trump, as imperfect and flawed as he is, believes in the constitution and individual freedoms, but also growing in his appreciation of the bible, for I think he sees he could not have accomplished all of this and weathered the storm without someone watching over him and others. Like you and me, Mr. Trump is another person, but he’s in position, with others. It’s not one man. It’s all of us.

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    1. I hope you got my message in all that you had to say.
      I was wrong to hold angst against him as a person. I blew it.
      I don’t have to believe anything ANY ONE person does or says…but my mandate by Christ is to love the person.
      I hope that makes sense.

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