One of the Ways You Know its God Calling

Have you ever wondered if you are hearing God’s voice, the enemy’s voice, or your own voice?

I am sure this has crossed your mind. It does for most believers.

How to discern the voice of God is not always an easy thing to describe or get across. Of course the Bible is God’s true word for us even today. And what we “hear” needs to line up with the Word to be true. (that is one way)

Another thing to consider is that the enemy is not going to lead you down a path that will glorify God!  Just not gonna happen– unless he tempts you with giving you all the credit and building your reputation rather than the Lord’s…. Now you are stuck. Whose voice is it?

Satan might tempt us to gain significance thru Holy work and to do it for that reason.
We might want to do Holy work for significance and recognition.

But God wants us to do Hs work so HE can receive the glory. (that is another way)

Finally, the way I am dealing with tonight…

In a time of prayer as I was on my knees bowed down and humbled…
(which is not my normal position for prayer but I felt lead to do it)
…I felt impressed upon me to go in a specific direction with my life.

I know that sounds great. Millions of people would like to bow their heads and get direction for their lives especially if it just comes to them without even asking.

The thing is– what I heard is NOT a direction I would ever consider taking on my own. And though it does glorify God (1) and HE alone would receive the credit (2) my response was — “What?  Huh? Did I just make that up? Where did that come from?” (that is a third way to know it is God)

Just to be sure, it wasn’t me making things up… I went to the ALWAYS  reliable — Bible? Nope. YouTube!

I searched about this direction and watched a few informative videos. YEP, this confirmed that the direction is NOT one I am comfortable with  AT  ALL. I have never seen myself doing it. Could I ? Sure with the help of God– yes. And apparently I fit the qualifications according to several people. Who would have guessed? Not me– seriously.

So what is God calling you to do?

  • It will line up with the Bible.
  • HE will receive the glory.
  • and sometimes…it is NOT a direction you would take yourself by choice, or by your current life dreams.


I would LOVE   LOVE   LOVE  to hear from you about the last time God called you do to something?

calling 3
Share what it was/is. Share whether you followed through or not. Share your thoughts and feelings about it.

Talk to me… don’t leave me hanging out here all alone.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

This Photo by Gage Walker on Unsplash
Top Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “One of the Ways You Know its God Calling

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      1. Such a beautiful post. I remember back in 2011 when I first accepted the call to go a new direction and leave a very good paying job to do so. Oh man… I was soooo scared. But God. It’s been tough at times but I wouldn’t change following what He says for the world!!

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