If You Want To See It—Believe It


In the book of John, in the Bible, verse 11:40 Jesus responded, “Didn’t I tell you that you would see God’s glory if you believe?”

The above verse is taken from the passage about Lazarus dying: John 11: 1-45.

Jesus said in verse 4 that Lazarus would not die from his illness. Yet Lazarus did die. Jesus had also said though that this illness happened for the glory of God, so that the Son of God (Jesus) would receive glory.

You have probably heard the phrase “I’ll believe it when I see it.” But this is not what Jesus asks us to do. He asks us to believe in God and miracles, answers to prayers FIRST. Then, we will see them. But it takes faith and belief. It is not as simple as just saying something a few times. I’m sure you have had an experience when you know—that you know— that you know something. Deep down inside it is unshakeable. This is belief.

Belief is not saying “I sure hope this works out.” Nor is it saying “I just don’t know how this can work out still.” Often times, we won’t know how things are going to come together for the highest good of all concerned.

That is key as well. That the highest good for ALL concerned takes pace.

Lazarus’ sisters Mary and Martha stopped believing when what they saw occur was in direct opposition to what they had been told. They had been told the illness would not lead to death, yet he died.  God is asking us to keep believing even when the circumstances around us look like they have gotten worse. He is asking us to believe what he has told us…to allow for His Glory to come from the situation… for the highest good of all concerned. Sometimes we don’t know what the highest good for everyone is. Sometimes we don’t know how God is going to be glorified in our situation or our pain. Sometimes we won’t find out til we look back on our lives and see how things changed either quickly or over time in a new direction we hadn’t thought of.

Today, is there something you have been believing God for? Has God spoken to you that something will come to pass yet, it doesn’t look like anything is happening or happening for the best? Take a breath and keep believing.

There was a time in my son’s youth that he and I were separated. I had a list of goals and things, circumstances I wanted to occur in my life. One of the items was that my son would move home with me. 2 years after writing that list I found it after moving. I had gotten everything on that list but two items. One I had changed my mind about having in my life. The other…my son had not returned to live with me. I was angry with God. How could God, who had brought so much to pass in my life, withhold something so good from me? And why this one request and not any others were withheld.

My son did return home to live with me. It happened 10 years later.

Did I have faith that whole time? I wish it were so, but instead, I stayed mad for quite a while and then eventually resigned myself that it was never going to happen. By the time my son came back to live with me, many things had occurred in both our lives to prepare us to have a better relationship than had we not separated at all to begin with. Some of those situations were very negative but they included a massive amount of growth for each of us individually.

So I am asking, and more importantly, God is asking you to believe. Believe and then you will see. Sometimes things have to change and happen in our lives before we can experience what we long for. Allow God, in His perfect timing, to do what is best in the long run for you.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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