Dialogue Questions:Distractions

thibault-penin-767722-unsplashThis week I am wondering about why we distract ourselves from the reality of life; our life in particular.

We stay over busy.

We numb out.

We binge watch TV.

We are hooked in by social media.

I am curious about what you think are the reasons why humans distract themselves so much from life. Please join me in this conversation. I really do like reading your responses to these dialogue questions each week.

* Could it be we are not living the “American Dream”?
* Are we depressed by other people’s social media updates?
* Are we just not where we thought we would be by this stage of our lives?
* Is it a cultural thing in our country to stay busy at break neck speed with an abundance of activities?
* Is it something else?…………….. Is it a combination?

Until Next time~
Blessings, Kate


2 thoughts on “Dialogue Questions:Distractions

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  1. I think some people will feel left out of something if they don’t jump on the social media wagon. Also I think we watch tv because we need a distraction from the crazy of life.

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    1. Thank you for commenting.
      I agree with you. I know that for many years I was into FB but I felt empty a lot when I was caught up for too long. I also feel pressure that I should be further along in life because of my education. This is not how I saw my life playing out. Reality took place. And sometimes that is not what I have wanted to dwell on.


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