Prayer– Influencing Others






Just thinking out loud today…. If negative forces can influence us to bring us down, can we invite positive forces to other people to uplift them?

Background: There is so much I am discovering about “what” we can or might pray for.

I grew up in a family that prayed the same prayer before dinner every night. And then we said nightly prayers at bedtime running through all the relatives and asking God to “bless” them without defining what that meant.

I learned to pray for others who had requests. Most of my prayers were “help____”  “be with _____”. My prayers were not free flowing. I did not let the Spirit lead me– I didn’t know how (to be honest). And lets be honest. There are multiple ways God can “help someone be calm”. He can allow them to go through something worse so what they are going through now seems like a cake walk. He can remove irritations or people. But what if we just want our children to be inspired to make the right choices from where they are at– going through exactly what they are going through: building character and new patterns of responses.

Prayer was something my mom and grandmother did privately. As for my dad– I have no clue if he prayed beyond dinner even though he was a faithful Church attender.

Two years ago I read a book by River Jordan Praying for Strangers: An Adventure of the Human Spirit. I asked God to revolutionize the way I pray and to open me up to a bigger way to think of prayer.

Fact: Ok, so God is this entity that is beyond all the galaxies…infinite and beyond our total understanding. So we are never completely aware of ALL that God can and will do; and even how the whole realm of existence works.

Fact: When I pray in the name of Jesus demons flee.

Question: Can we pray for angelic influence on others behavior and actions thru prayer?  — What if we could pray that angels surround someone and whisper influences into their thoughts to be calm, to behave rightly. (I am thinking of out of control teens and young adults).

Premise: I mean if demons can whisper crappy things into our minds and spirits to depress us and refocus us towards negativity… then why wouldn’t angels be able to do the opposite? NO  REASON

Therefore  WE CAN pray for angels to directly influence our children– to whisper and inspire them to certain ways of life that are positive and uplifting.

I am going to do this!!!     I love  A-HA  moments!

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

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