Dialogue Questions: Blocked From God

There are people who believe that even the slightest UN-CONFESSED transgression is a total block from God. They believe not only that every unconfessed error keeps us from hearing from God but that until we confess then God won’t even hear any more of our prayers to God.

Then there are people at the other end of the spectrum who believe God is always listening and talking to us regardless what is or is not confessed. They believe that while confession is good for the soul, it is not required for an ongoing relationship with God.

Where do you stand? Its a WIDE spectrum. 

Tell us a little about your beliefs in the comments below…
I really am interested in your thoughts on this.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

12 thoughts on “Dialogue Questions: Blocked From God

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  1. Hy Kate
    I am part of the second group, from personal experience, each time I fall short of Gods command I feel really terrible and shy to talk to God not because he won’t hear me but because I feel very remorseful. I know his arms are always open to welcome me and from that knowledge I quickly run back to him. The story of the prodigal son gives a better view on this, it said when the father saw him from afar off he ran to welcome him. At that moment whatever wrong the son had committed did not matter he was just happy to welcome his son back home. God always wants to commune with us, us asking God for mercy actually speaks of humility, vulnerability and a heart that values God above the sin committed

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    1. Yes, in that story the father did not wait for an apology first before welcoming the son home. When I came back to God it took a long time for things to come to mind that I needed to repent from; yet, I felt the love of God immediately.


  2. The verse I always go back to is found in John 9:31. “We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will.”

    God listens to those who cry out for Salvation, and He hears those who pray according to His will. I believe so many times, based on numerous verses taken out of context, people have a “name it and claim it” type of prayer life. Now if we were truly praying His will… don’t you think that our life would be more lined up with Him to begin with? That we wouldn’t be saturated in sin like these Pharisees that we were told about were?

    Before we have that intimate time with God in our prayer life… why not empty ourselves of the sin that may be in our life? Why not confess it and repent from it… like Jesus preaches, so that we can be closer to Him? If we don’t confess it, does that mean we don’t want to give it up? Then the question is, whom do I love more… God or that sin?

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    1. Very good questions. I believe God will hear us when we repent. Like I said in another comment I do believe God worked with me in the process of me remembering and cleaning up the wreckage of my past. But if I had held onto it? Willfully? that I believe is totally different. We should have a repent heart if we are walking with God.

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  3. I guess I’m an outsider. Based on Scripture (OT and NT), I cannot consider any communication from us that the Holy Spirit interprets from our self to the Father to be prayer. I am not speaking of “tongues” or the “language of men and angels”. God tells us plainly we do not even know how to pray properly. I know for a fact that I and every other Christian utters words we consider to be prayer without the intent of loving God with all of our heart, soul and mind, nor our neighbor as ourselves. How is that prayer? Jesus told of the two sinners in the Temple, the one filled with himself and the other empty before God. Which one bragged and which one prayed? You make the call, as they used to say on Monday Night Football. It is not based on human emotions, but on facts.

    Jesus gave us the Disciples’ Prayer, and it doesn’t include the words “I, me, my or mine” in any part of it. We even allowed Bible publishers and ourselves to call it “The Lord’s Prayer” as if it is not the exact model Jesus gave us for prayer. The disciples asked Jesus how should they pray, not how did Jesus pray So, the question to every human being is: are you His disciple?

    Is our focus on God and obeying what we know is His decreed will, or on ourselves and how we think things should be? Are we really saved by Jesus through our faith in God or do we save ourselves by confessing every sin and living a perfect life?

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    1. Very very interesting Gralan! I had never looked at it like this. I am going to think on this. SO are you saying that what we call the Lord’s prayer is actually the only prayer we should pray? It does cover the gamut– I guess “deliver us from evil” could be in regards to casting out demons. What about healing? I am solely thinking out loud to understand. I wrote this post because I am expounding my views on prayer. I want to understand where each person is coming from.


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