Dialogue Questions: Fate / Free Will

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Where so you stand on the subject of predestination?

Are our lives pre-planned and running a course?

Can we alter that course through free will?

Are tragedies pre-planned by God or the cosmos? What about our time to die?

If everything is “free will” what about the plans God has for us? What about our purpose?

Looking forward to your replies
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3 thoughts on “Dialogue Questions: Fate / Free Will

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    1. Regarding human salvation, I stand principally on God’s revelation, hereto as written in John chapter 1; we are born of God, a human being cannot parent themself. As God chose those whom he foreknew, yes predestination is an actual occurrence.

      Are our lives pre-planned and running a course? I am convinced that God created everything that is, and knows everything possible. I believe God is intentional and not confused. All things are running a course towards a created purpose to God’s glory. Humans act through necessity or external coercion, that is the question. God is plain that no human agency can thwart his plan and will.

      Can we alter that course through free will? This is presupposing a pre-planned course but is not distinguishing between coercion or necessity for human agency. I reject the concept of God being a puppet-master, and nothing in Scripture reveals anything supporting such an idea. Therefore the question is moot, in my opinion.

      The material ingredients comprising the cosmos cannot pre-plan anything, it consists of impersonal, non-intelligent, physical matter currently employable by energy and the results of physical laws constraining it all. God has revealed the cosmos was cursed due to human choice to rebel against God, called Original Sin. Imperfect and fallen humanity could not properly exist in a perfectly good world. Does God intentionally cause suffering is perhaps more to the point. I cannot believe such is the case.

      I’m glad that I don’t have to stand on my own ability to justify my beliefs. My beliefs are influenced by what has been determined to be true by some in practices in the Sciences, searching and reasoning, and by my faith in God.

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