How Do You Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Jesus?


The connection question was:
What does it look like to keep our eyes and hearts fixed upon Jesus? Think of a time when loving Jesus cost you something. Have you lived like He is worth the cost of this sacrifice since then?

…. I am an introvert. I love solitude and doing my own thing. My son is also an introvert in that he doesn’t really like too many people and prefers the company of one or two compared to 10 at a gathering. BUT he is REALLY extroverted when he is around his close people. For me that means he can talk (almost) nonstop in a monologue (literally) for 3 hours when I am with him. This exhausts me. 

I would love to say that focusing on Jesus means I need to be in my room, reading, studying, blogging, encouraging others in Christ and growing in Him myself. That would be my ideal day …and I have had many of those. Yet, now that my son has moved home I do not get them that often. I can easily get annoyed when my adult son wants ANOTHER 3 hours of my attention to watch him practice his online gaming skills. I feel I am letting the more important things sit idle.

However, what if…maybe focusing on Jesus is me spending time with my son and actively healing our ruptured past and bringing healing to him so that one day he will be a good dad to my grandchildren. What if focusing on Jesus is living out Christ’s love among the hurting right in my own home (depression and anxiety, low self-esteem and self-doubt, and a host of other ailments my son has).

I could very easily justify the large amount of time I want to devote to active study and using of scripture and insight to minister outwardly. And still, Dr. Charles Stanley who has been a preacher on air for decades and leads a huge church in Atlanta GA never sacrificed his family time for the pretenses of ministry. His preaching son Andy Stanley says his dad never missed a game or event. He always made time for his family fully while also doing the full-time work of the Lord.

So for me, focusing on Jesus is costing me my comfort of alone time. It is costing me the energy of listening to and about online gaming which I do not have any inclinations about. It is costing me 3-6 concentrated hours a day out of my (used to be) flexible schedule. It is costing me to grow up and mature in the Lord while losing my self-centeredness.

I would love for you to share what focusing on Jesus looks like for you and what it is costing you. Please comment below.

Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate



6 thoughts on “How Do You Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Jesus?

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  1. Focusing on Jesus for me seems to involve others needs. Like you Kate, I get upset some when things I need done are always still on the list. I am praying that I can keep going. Lately I seem to tire faster. Thank you for this post.

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  2. Considering Jesus’ instruction regarding “the least of these”, I’d say that you are spot on in doing unto others as doing unto Jesus. At least that is my take on it. For myself, as a disabled caretaker of my disabled wife, I find upon reflection that I’ve been using my “downtime” for distractive purposes. I shall be endeavoring to use that time for finishing my degree requirements for a Bachelor’s of Theology. Your post caused me to take a look at myself and the response of the Body of Christ as His Disciple.
    Peace of Christ to you and your son.

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