To Post or Not to Post

I have some anxiety about writing– especially when I do not feel passionate about the subject. I can write a paragraph over and over and then give up. When I get a flame inside about the direction of an article then I stay engaged with it. I may let it sit a day or two before I post so that I can revisit it with a fresh take on things and make edits as needed. But I have been reading on “How to Blog” sites that I should just write and post and let my voice and style (and skills) develop, as they will, over time. The sites say if I wait for perfection or passion I may delay too long in between posts which would be bad for growing an audience.

Sure I would like an audience…who wouldn’t. In fact I want to eventually focus solely on lifting the spirits of the worn out and weary. That implies the worn out and weary are in the audience.

I think I am approaching the writing too much like turning in an assignment at school or writing a sermon. I want it to have a certain feel to it.

SO that is my question. Do I write frequently and let the quality develop over time naturally? OR  Do I write less frequently and work harder on each post before posting it?

What do you think?

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Blessings, Kate
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13 thoughts on “To Post or Not to Post

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  1. Write more frequently. Make it a practice of allowing the words and ideas to flow through you. Writing longhand can help, like keeping a journal. The physical act helps slow down the process and flow more naturally. Gets you closer to what is in your heart. Go natural 😉

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  2. Hey Kate I would say write when you feel led to write, don’t write because you feel like if you do not write as often as you should you would lose your audience.. we your readers understand and quality will always supersede quantity..❤️❤️❤️


  3. I think you should just write whether it is perfect or not no one cares as long as you write. Your point will get across. If you try to make it to perfect sometimes it will appear as not being genuine and a bit presumptuous.

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  4. I think that you are aware of some things you’d like to chew on a while for more quality posting, and developing that will aid you and we the readers. But we do like to hear your conversational tones reverberating down the corridors of our minds and hearts for that quick reality check that you so adroitly deliver.
    My guesstimate is lean more towards posting more frequently, which I’m suspicioning you are leaning towards anyway. I think that Topics are for chewing on and frequent blog posts are for that encouraging word we humans need to give and to hear.

    Did I make myself as clear as mud? If so, then you’re welcome.

    Although you can tell I am liking to play with words, I do trust you got at least a chuckle out of my presentimentation.
    Oh no, I did it again!

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  5. Hey Kate, I blog for others for a living and I blog for myself because without writing, I don’t know how to breathe. It’s who I am. For business and bloggers who want to earn money blogging, I suggest writing quality posts that will engage your audience and speak to what they desire to hear and need to hear. However some folks are doing it for other reasons. The posts aren’t about money and followers, and for those folks: I say write. Share your heart in the areas where you are healed and have wisdom to share, write the pain and process through questions when you need answers (assuming the post won’t cause you more trauma), and do as God leads.

    I don’t follow the rules on my blogs. I don’t post consistently and I don’t edit my posts. I write, give it a quick spell check (which I know misses things) and then post. Why? Because I feel what I share is from my heart and I want to connect with those who need to connect with my heart, not just my words. You strike me as very similar. Your posts have depth and that isn’t easy to come by. So go with your heart and what God leads you. Psalm 37:4 ~Shell

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    1. Shell – what words of wisdom. What came to my mind as I read your comment was maybe I could lighten up a bit. Not expect everything to be deep and meaningful since I’m still a blog…nowhere near monetizing. I could just spill out my words and then have moments of depth and grow and learn my voice in the process. Just spend my time delighting in the Lord as the verse says.

      Thank you so much for your reply. I really did get a lot out of it.

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      1. I’m happy to help. I find that the best way to truly learn your voice and understand what you want to do with your writing is to write and be honest with yourself about the results.

        Remember that depth isn’t always found in the number of words you use. When Solomon noted that “Everything is meaningless” we caught depth within his three words. Paul took 2145 to say the same thing. Some are attracted to Paul and some are attracted to Solomon. And some love them both. There are nights I want to read long posts and really jump into someone’s head and other times I want to read micropoetry and take life in 140 characters at a time! As you write, you’ll find where you fit. And last thing I will say, don’t be afraid of enjoying likes and comments and looking at results. You’ll understand your audience based upon them. The Lord wants us to be wise with our time as well as true to Him and that’s why we have the tools we have. Bless you! I really love what you write and look forward to seeing more! (I like you so much I follow you from both blogs!)

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