Please Call Me On It IF…

UGH !  Can I share a pet peeve of mine? Great—thank you.

 I do not like it when Christians write about God in ways that are not understandable to non-believers or those who didn’t go to Seminary at least. God is not meant to be made complex and airy fairy just for mental thought games.

Now I do like reading books about theological concepts and accuracy. I enjoy making my brain twist and grow and think HARD. But that is just me. Its fun for me. And I did go to Seminary so I have the background for it.

But if I EVER write a blog that speaks on some high intellectual level and does not break it down so ANYONE could understand it..THEN   PLEASE    CALL   ME   ON   IT.

Whew– feels so good to get that off my chest!
Until Next Time~
Blessings, Kate

14 thoughts on “Please Call Me On It IF…

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  1. What good are teachings that cannot be understood by the average person? The message will never be received. Only those who seek dominance intentionally offer their works to the pubic at large in this way: “Oh, you don’t understand but here, let me just tell you what you NEED to know…follow me…” No one needs that B.S.

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  2. I don’t believe anyone needs a college degree to write on whatever subject , but they do need to study and have a good understanding on what they are writing about and I do agree with you about making it understandable to all your readers. Even if you know a lot of big words it is best to break them down so those your communicating with can understand what you are trying to convey. Communications is not just about talking , but about getting your point across. I think you do a good job at that. I enjoy reading your blogs.

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  3. I so agree with this. I write about God all the time but from a personal and emotional standpoint. I am one of those Christians who lived a life without God for many years; I know the pain who not having faith. God saved me from a terrible life; where I was lonely and grieving the death of my brother. So for me I write about God honestly and I talk his love, compassion and how he has made me a kinder person full of compassion and forgiveness. I don’t need to quote verses or judge because God is love. This post made my day. I am going to reblog it

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    1. Thank you do much for your time reading and for your authentic comments and the reblog is really awesome. I grew up in church and went to 9 years of Christian school before High School. I also went to Bible college and Seminary. I have had 2 real long blocks in my life where I walked away from Christianity but not God. My life was a mess. Gd allowed me to live as I wanted it and I destroyed it. During that time, I looked, watched, listened, and saw how non-churched people intake what we say. It is as if people in the church speak a whole separate language of codes and meanings that make little to no sense to anyone else.
      I am sorry for the loss of your brother. Yet I am glad God has brought it to some good use in your life beyond pain. I am going to follow and keep up with you.

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      1. Thank you. I find it amazing that no matter how much we push God away and we reject him; he is always there to welcome bakc us. And that is why I turned my life to God because maybe other people judge me but God doesn’t, That is comforting feeling


  4. In my point of view, God cannot be taught, you just feel the presence and the’s either His presence fills your life or it doesn’t…despite all what they teach you and preach about it
    I believe that simple act of Love, forgiveness is worth million preaching books…

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