Dialogue Questions: Homelessness

In the last 2 days homelessness is a topic that has come across my path 4 times:


Blog 1) A woman who took supplies out and rode around until she found a homeless man who needed them. She is now trying to help him navigate the system and get some assistance.

Blog 2) A woman’s acquaintance/friend who lived on the streets died, shortly after their last meeting, due to a blow to the head by a stranger over both parties dogs fighting.

Rhonda- A lady at the food bank who is looking to be homeless in 3 months when her apartment building is sold and there are no rentals as cheap. All local rents are $200 higher/month and she is barely getting by now working full time and bringing home only $1,000 a month—hence the food bank.

Jason- just got out of jail. Came to my church for some food today. He is rebuilding his life and settling past dues, setting things straight, breaking bad ties, cleaning his life up. He has places to stay but those options include his past friends that are up to no good. We gave him a coat and a sleeping bag and a ride to the 30 day shelter with the option to take him elsewhere if he has a plan and needs a way to get there.

So my questions for you this evening are below. Please Please post comments and lets dialogue about this serious subject.

  • What is your definition of homeless? On the streets? Couch surfing with friends?
  • Do you know any homeless people?
  • Have you ever talked- really talked with any homeless people?
  • What do you think homeless people need the most to rebuild their lives?Until Next Time~
    Blessings, Kate

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